Gusmão highlights the importance of management and planning

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Gusmão highlights the importance of management and planning

"Greater responsibility for the new challenges", said Gusmão - Photo: Junior Leonidas for Net Esporte Clube

It"s been almost 20 years of soccer. From player to coach, Gerson Gusmão saw his trajectory taking on new proportions after two titles in two years as a professional coach. After the FPF Cup it came the one that changed his career: Brazilian Serie D champion.


"Many more experienced coaches have already competed in this competition and have not been able to win the title. This is something that brings appreciation, but also a greater responsibility for the new challenges, since the team fans will always expect the best," says Gersinho.


After the achievement, Operario`s coach earned an opportunity unknown to him until then as a soccer team captain: that is to plan a season from the start to the end. This is because Fantasma has a full calendar in 2018.


The team starts the year with the Paranaense Championship of the Second Division, on February 10th, and in April the team will enter the field to play the Brazilian Championship Series C, which runs until September. The full calendar, as it is said in a soccer daily routine, it`s an ally.

"This makes it easier for us to set up the squad as we have the possibility to offer a more interesting contract to the athletes. Besides that, it helps the club to get more fan members and sponsorship," said the coach.


Gersinho"s understanding regarding processes that goes beyond field work with athletes was built by his role in the club, which can be considered as a manager. He needs to control personalities, discuss hiring, and understand the club"s investment potential.

"First you have to earn and maintain the respect of everyone, from the ones that are already here and also from the new professionals. It is a big responsibility because we have to manage quality players who always want to be playing", explains.

*Reportagem especial produzida pelo Net Esporte Clube em parceria com o Centro Europeu Idiomas e Profissões

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